Annual Notices

Federal law requires the University to broadly disseminate certain policies to faculty, staff, and students on an annual basis. 

The University of Iowa Benefits Office is committed to being environmentally friendly whenever possible while still accomplishing our objectives.  The Federal Government recently approved email as a method of giving notice regarding the policies below. 

This web page presents links to information relating to several University policies that are crucial to the mission of the University.  Please review the information below, familiarize yourself with these important policies, and bookmark the websites for future reference.

Notice 1 - COBRA Continuation Coverage Rights

Notice 2 - Creditable Prescription Drug Coverage Notice

Notice 3 - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Privacy Notice

Notice 4 - Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program

Notice 5 - Retirement Savings Options

Notice 6 Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act and the
                   Mother's Health Protection Act of 1996

Benefits Office

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