Short-Term Health and Dental Insurance for Departing Students

Short-term health and dental insurance is available for those who were University of Iowa students, immediately after leaving the university.

If you wish to utilize this option, you must complete the application within 45 days of graduation or leaving the University.


Monthly Health Insurance Rates

You may continue coverage for up to 12 months.  You may seek care from any provider you choose.  However, if you use a participating Blue Cross and Blue Shield provider (In 2014, the health plan is Alliance Select. In 2015, the health plan is Classic Blue) or Delta Dental provider, your costs will generally be much lower.  The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC), Mercy Hospital, and Family Practice Clinics are Blue Cross and Blue Shield Providers in Iowa City.  The College of Dentistry is a Delta Dental provider in Iowa City.


Health Care After the University of Iowa Training Module

Departing Graduate Students

Those who were graduate students may also choose insurance continuation with UIGRADcare.

Once you have enrolled in the plan you will be sent a membership card to present to care providers. The card includes phone numbers to call if you have questions or require pre certification for certain procedures.

If you decide this insurance is suitable for your situation, your signed and completed Departing Student Enrollment Form (pdf) must be returned to the University Benefits Office by the appropriate enrollment deadline. The University of Iowa recommends that all graduates be covered under some type of health insurance. We urge you to give this information your immediate attention.

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