Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 to Friday, August 1, 2014

Most of us are striving for achieving better work and home balance. Finding time to refuel and take care of ourselves will help us to be more energized and focused at work. Here are a few tips on finding a healthy balance.

  • Know yourself. Increase your awareness of how you are spending your time and energy each day. Are your actions in line with your values and what is most important to you?
  • Check your calendar. Have you scheduled in time for you? Some like to set the alarm early to have time to exercise, read the newspaper, or practice meditation/prayer.
  • Others make sure to schedule in time with friends and family. Is it time to set up a date night with your spouse or a girls/boys night out?
  • Practice saying “no” and drop activities that drain your time and energy.
  • Share responsibilities. Divide tasks at home so that chores are shared as equally as possible. Consider hiring help for some tasks.
  • Start by setting small goals. For example, plan to leave work on time once per week.

University of Iowa Family Services has information on flexible work arrangements.

The Energy Project has tools and information to help employees better manage their time and energy.