Employee & Applicant Resources for Disability & Leave

Employee & Applicant Resources for Disability & Leave

Faculty/Staff Disability Services works with applicants, employees, supervisors, HR Representatives, and others on the University of Iowa campus to ensure everyone is aware of their rights and responsibilities in complex employment situations involving health conditions. We use the following services to assist in that goal:

  • Education for UI employees regarding leave and disability management
  • Facilitate the interactive process for accommodation need
    • Evaluate and recommend employment options
    • Communicate directly with healthcare providers and employees to gain clarification of the employee’s needs
  • Assist with return-to-work efforts following a health-related leave of absence
  • Counsel employees, supervisors, and HR representatives on options and responsibilities
  • Assist eligible employees with mental illness in maintaining employment through the Work Support Program
  • Coordinate job coaching services
  • Facilitate the ADA Referral Program to assist employees in finding alternative work when accommodation is not available in the current UI position.

Initial Consult / Case Referral Form

Use this form for questions, to initiate a new case, or to update an existing case with Faculty and Staff Disability Services.

Contact Faculty and Staff Disability Services

Campus address
121-20 USB
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The University of Iowa
121 University Services Bldg.
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