180 Day Check-in with Supervisors

Work and Strategic Goal Alignment

  • As your new employee becomes more effective in performing his/her job, are there things in the work environment that could be demotivating?  The resource article has some interesting information about “shoves” and “tugs” and conversations you might have with your employee.
  • Are there remarkable people that can help continue to inspire your new employee?  Stories of how others make a difference can encourage and support outstanding performance.


Shoves and Tugs of Employee Engagement
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Performance Expectations

  • As your merit staff completes probation, you should celebrate the initial development and begin to set new goals for learning and performance for continuous improvement.  Employees want concrete feedback both positive and constructive according to the resource article.  Giving specific feedback requires you to do 3 things: identify the topic the feedback is about, give the specifics, and give praise or what needs to be done to correct the issue with a timeframe to follow up to see  improvement.
  • Are you seeing the performance you expect from P&S staff at this time?  If so, you need to continue to challenge and develop him/her.  If not, course correction may be necessary.  A “Performance Improvement Plan” may be one way to redirect performance by focusing on the area(s) in which improvement is needed with frequent feedback about improvement(s) or lack thereof. 

Work Life and Wellness

  • A study by Swedish doctors and academics found that employee well-being (in terms of heart disease) was impacted by these manager behaviors:
    • Providing the information people need to do their work.
    • Effectively pushing through and carrying out changes.
    • Explaining goals for work so that people understand what it means for their tasks.
    •  Ensuring that employees have sufficient power to perform their responsibilities.

Are you practicing these heart healthy tips in your people management?

Remember that different cultures have different expectations about work life and wellness.  If you or your employee need help bridging a cultural gap, use the resource for assistance.


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  • Help your employee develop and promote him/herself.  By helping your staff member reflect on and share their talents and contributions, you are supporting their career development. 
  • UI resources for development are valuable tools to help staff develop necessary skills and abilities.


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