270 Day Check-in with Supervisors

Work and Strategic Goal Alignment/Performance Expectations

  • As your employee approaches the first anniversary of employment, you should revisit any goals you developed for the employee.
    • What has been accomplished?
    • How is the employee making a difference in your unit and the University of Iowa?
    • What still needs to be done?
    • Are there resources the employee will need to accomplish the remainder?
    • What will be the goals for the next year?

The video in the resources section is a quick way to learn about setting goals with your employee.

If your employee is not meeting expectations, providing clear feedback to support redirection is critical.  Ask your HR Unit Rep if you need assistance.


Smart Goals video
Goal Setting
Performance Reviews

Work Life and Wellness

  • Employees are responsible for their wellness, engagement, and productivity at work.  However, supervisors create the environment for employees to flourish.  How would your new employee (and current staff) respond to these “Working@Iowa” questions?
    • I know what is expected of me in my job?
    • My supervisor acknowledges me for doing good work.
    • I receive regular feedback about my work.
    • I am encouraged to participate in professional development.
  • If your employee does not seem content with how work life is progressing, you might use the technique in the video resource to think about how to approach it.


Restoring Employee Engagement


  • Some employees need assistance in continuing development.  If your employee has a health condition or disability, a language proficiency issue, or there are other special needs (military, family, or personal), UI has resources to help the employee and you.  See the resource list.


Faculty and Staff Disability Services
Staff Culture and Linguistics Services
UI Employee Assistance Program
Family Services