2018 Conference Award Winners

Ering Herting Photo


Erin Herting

Director of Business & Financial Administration

College of Liberal Arts

2019 Excellence Badge

The “Rising to the Challenge” award recognizes an outstanding business & finance leader who has shown leadership and excellence during a challenging institutional or organizational change event.  This year the event we selected was the implementation of University Shared Services (see https://uiowa.edu/university-shared-services/). 

Implementing University Shared Services was a complex task, which required the leadership, collaboration and support of many individuals.   Erin Herting stands out as a success story in implementing this important organizational change in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.   She met with the CLAS TIER implementation team to discuss a shared path forward and communicated in a way that helped others overcome misconceptions of Shared Services.  This helped to ease anxiety about the impact of the change to the current business staff.  Erin also partnered with the USS leadership team as well as CLAS departmental administrators to ensure that  the customer service impact to the faculty would be minimal.  This allowed the team to move the implementation period six months earlier than scheduled. With Erin’s leadership, the largest USS implementation on campus was completed in the shortest period of time.  Many individuals were key to the success of the USS implementation in CLAS.  However, from a business perspective Erin was a critical partner.  Thank you Erin for your leadership & collaboration and congratulations on your well-deserved award!


Scott Arneson Photo

Scott Arneson

Associate Dean for Finance & Facilities

College of Dentistry

2019 Excellence Badge


The “Strategic Business Partner of the Year” award recognizes an outstanding business & finance leader who has shown excellence in the following areas over the course of his/her tenure at the University:

  • Leadership & navigation
  • Ethical practice
  • Collaboration on university-wide initiatives
  • Business & financial acumen
  • Commitment to internal controls & compliance
  • Application of best practices in operations

Scott Arneson was selected as the recipient of the award this year due to his contributions & excellence in all of the areas listed above. Since joining the University in 1985, Scott has served in positions in Finance & Operations, the College of Medicine & the College of Dentistry.  He is a proven leader who has earned the respect of senior leaders and colleagues.  Scott has made many university-wide contributions, serving on several key executive search committees.  He is committed to best practices and was a key contributor to the Accenture Benchmarking study.  Scott is not afraid to be a trailblazer – he volunteered for the College of Dentistry to be the first pilot unit to implement University Shared Services.  Scott exhibits solid business & financial acumen and is often asked to serve on committees & councils, such as serving as co-chair of OneIT Administrative Data Systems Governance Council.  In the past, Finance & Operations included Scott in various advisory committees to help evaluate & implement new policies & processes such as Electronic Financial Reporting and Financial Sub-certification.  Scott was a member of the University Strategic Plan Development Group, which developed the University’s 2016-2021 Strategic Plan.  Currently Scott is serving on the University’s Central Services Review Committee where he is involved in the review and evaluation of critical central services functions that serves all of campus.  Thank you Scott for being a valuable strategic business partner and for your many contributions to the University over the last 33 years!  Congratulations on your well-deserved award!


Kiim Kuebrich Yordi Photo

Kim Kuebrich Yordi

Senior HR Specialist

ITS - CIO Office

2019 Excellence Badge

The Emerging Business Partner of the Year award recognizes an outstanding HR professional who has demonstrated key HR leadership competencies in support of projects, programs, and initiatives and in implementing plans that support the strategy of their respective organization or the campus.  

Kim Kuebrich Yordi was recognized as a leader in the development and success of IT Recruitment Specialist pilot. She is passionate about recruiting and leverages her HR and IT experience to help attract, identify and match qualified IT candidates to jobs. 

Kim is a key member of the CIO office and a valued partner to IT leadership across the OneIT community.  She is highly effective at building relationships across campus, actively engaging OneIT leaders and campus HR staff to successfully attract, recruit and engage IT professionals.

Kim was also a crucial contributor to the development and implementation of the Skills Inventory project; a project focused on gathering and analyzing data about the current skills and interests of campus IT professionals to assist in workforce planning. 

Congratulations Kim for earning the 2018 HR Emerging Business Partner of the Year Award and for your contributions to the HR enterprise!


Wendy Loney Photo

Wendy Loney

HR Director

Office of the Vice President for Research & Economic Development

2019 Excellence Badge


The Strategic Business Partner of the Year award recognizes an outstanding HR professional who demonstrated key HR leadership competencies in developing and leading implementation plans, analyzing business information, functioning as an organizational leader and designer of HR strategy.

Wendy Loney embodies the spirit of this award with an uncommon vision, shrewd analysis, outstanding interpersonal skills and a deep commitment to ethical practice.  She was a leading force for change and continuous improvement.  She is integrally engaged in organizational decisions and is the key to ensuring successful implementation of managerial vision, university policies and departmental procedures. Wendy was instrumental in envisioning a new HR structure for the research enterprise, shaping and carrying out new organizational structures in response to TIER for HR, IT, and Shared Services.  She successfully addressed the needs of the State Hygienic Lab during a time of transition.

Congratulations Wendy on earning the 2018 HR Strategic Business Partner of the Year Award and for your contributions to the HR enterprise.

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