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The UHR Welcome Center is open 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday through Friday.
Human Resources provides leadership in shaping an equitable and inclusive culture that drives diversity, excellence and innovation by supporting talent, engagement, and the employee work experience. – UHR Vision Statement

UHR Leadership Statement

This vision statement is realized through intentionally creating a workplace culture of belonging where all UHR employees are empowered to do their best work as their authentic selves and thrive in a safe and trusting community.  As a community we value difference, which leads to greater collective strength.   

Culture continually evolves through listening and learning; change is expected and valued.  Our growth as a UHR community requires that we engage in honest self-reflection and conversation and seek out alternative perspectives. Each member of our community is responsible for our own personal growth journey as well as the pursuit of opportunities to advance our colleagues.  As we collectively explore, learn, and hold ourselves and each other accountable, our norms will change and be reinforced by our actions. 

We must stretch and grow to create systematic change and eliminate barriers that marginalize or exclude people based on their identity, status or assumed abilities.  We stand together in demonstrating our commitment to making these personal and systemic changes through our words and our actions.

UHR-DEI Leadership Advisory Committee

In Summer 2020, an advisory committee made up of volunteers from the UHR community was formed in partnership with UHR executive leadership.  The advisory committee developed the following statement:  University Human Resources (UHR) is committed to fostering, educating, and sustaining an essential culture of diversity, equity and inclusion by focusing on the most valuable asset: our people.  In the spirit of purposefully creating a UHR community of belonging, gains need to be made and sustained in the following vital areas; a welcoming culture of safety and trust which invites difference and intersectionality, listening more to our colleagues, committing to learning, self-reflection and discomfort, respecting other’s beliefs, expecting accountability, and taking action to address implicit bias and microaggressions.

Membership & Accomplishments

  • UHR-DEI Leadership Advisory Committee Project Charter Approved – July 16th, 2020
  • Created internal resources for University Human Resources staff
  • Created a UHR-DEI Listening Post Speaker Series: 
    • 15 speakers shared their experiences and thoughts during the 2020 series. This was voluntary and sessions were recorded for UHR colleagues who were not able to participate
    • DEI 30-min Post-Speaker forums were established offering an extended voluntary opportunity to process and share thoughts as related to the speaker's content
  • Meetings
    • Bi-weekly Executive Leadership and Advisory Committee
    • Bi-weekly Advisory Committee

  • Candace Peters, Organizational Consultant and Leadership Coach, OE, Organizational Development
  • Laura Prince, Administrator, Faculty & Staff Immigration Services
  • Megan Hammes, Senior Director, UI Wellness
  • Trevor Glanz, Senior Director, Comp/Class & HR Data Management
  • Jade Rogers, Senior HR Specialist, Talent Acquisition
  • Hellecktra Orozco, HR Specialist, Administration
  • Jan Waterhouse, Senior UHR Lead, Policy and Compliance, Executive Leadership liaison to the committee

University of Iowa Resources

Human Resources DEI Knowledge

Resources for University of Iowa Human Resources Staff

  • A OneDrive folder (access limited to current UHR staff) includes access to recordings of UHR Listening Post Speaker Series, and other UHR-specific DEI resources.
  • University Human Resources DEI Action Plan