HR 2020

The HR 2020 project provides a vision for expanding strategic payroll and accounting functions, advancing HR transaction processes and systems, and enhancing HR service delivery initiation.

The project is organized in five tracks that are interdependent on one another:

Track 1: Payroll Department Realignment

Goal: Reorganize current Payroll staff into separate Payroll Services and University Workforce Operations teams

Lead: Terri Hein

Drawing on findings from a 2018 external review, Tracks 1, 2, and 3 will organize the existing Payroll department into two teams:

  • Payroll Services group chiefly responsible for accounting, financial reporting, and payroll processing and taxes
  • University Workforce Operations group responsible for HR transactions and functional administration of pay and leave management

Track 1 will enhance the Payroll Services group’s emphasis on strategic accounting, including regulatory compliance, data analytics, and internal controls.

Track 2: Transaction Service Redesign

Goal: Streamline the current service-delivery model to encourage specialization and reduce errors

Lead: Dan Schropp

Track 2, led by University Workforce Operations, will develop a trained network of transactional experts. This shift will reduce errors, improve data consistency, and support automation.

Track 3: Transaction System Enhancements

Goal: Enhance IT systems that support HR transaction services

Lead: Dan Schropp

Track 3 will include developing new tools to support the new service model and improving the overall user experience. Current tools have been in place for 16 years and are due for enhancement.

Track 4: HR Service Delivery Redesign

Goal: Establish a central hub for reception and questions about payroll, HR transactions, benefits, and eventually other HR services

Lead: Rebecca Olson

Tracks 4 and 5 aim to offer more effective models for fielding questions about payroll, transactions, benefits, and other HR services. Together, these tracks will reduce duplication and enhance overall service.

Track 4 will create a one-stop welcome/help center to assist university employees. Welcome center staff will directly address most questions, triage and track complex issues, and develop new employee-service tools.

Track 5: Welcome Center Construction

Goal: Renovate a portion of University Services Building space to accommodate the new help center and enhance building security

Lead: Cheryl Reardon

Track 5 will provide physical facilities for the welcome center and UHR reception. Renovations will enhance building security and reclaim underutilized space.

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