HR 2020 Background

Like other recent UHR initiatives, this five-track project aims to streamline operations and develop HR professionals as strategic partners to university leaders and units across campus.

The project also advances these priorities:

  • Enhancing the employee experience for UHR staff, other HR pros, and UI staff/faculty as a whole
  • Improving accuracy and reducing error rates, especially in transactional work
  • Improving compliance with increasingly complex requirements
  • Distributing workloads fairly and efficiently, including through strategic use of technology
  • Improving workplace safety through renovations to the University Services Building

For UHR employees, the project will mean better workload distribution, fewer disruptions, opportunities to develop and specialize, improved accuracy and response times, and greater workplace security.

The project seeks to implement recommendations from a range of studies and reports. These include:

  • Talent@Iowa task force report and subsequent planning (strategic focus, streamlined operations, etc.)
  • Working at Iowa surveys (ongoing need for better workload management)
  • Payroll external review (process and technology recommendations)
  • University Services Building security assessment (new main entrance/reception area)

This project’s tracks support and depend on one another. Pursuing them in tandem boosts efficiency and enhances communication.

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