HR Working Groups

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Initiatives Upcoming or Under Consideration
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AFSCME Labor Management Committee - Management Team

Assist University HR leaders in communicating items of interest to the Labor Team in the monthly LMC meetings.  The Management Team also reviews items brought forward by the Labor Team to provide an appropriate response on behalf of the employer, including follow-up when applicable

Members:  Shelley Stickfort, Chair; Tim Cook (BOR Representative), Dan Heater, Joanne Higgins

SEIU Labor Management Committee - Management Team

Members:  Ellen Chambers, Chair; Lisa Brewster, Shelley Stickfort, Lu Wilford, Janet Roe, Sara Caven, Lisabeth Kestel, Ellen Twinam

Behavioral Health Work Group

Develop strategies and support policies that will contribute to a healthy campus culture, especially as they support individual health improvement in the areas of mental and emotional wellness.

Members:  Maggie Moore, Chair; Lance Clemsen, Sam Cochran, Susan Johnson, Cynthia Joyce, Jill Leisveld, Nicole Nisly, Tanya Villhauer

Graduate Assistant Appointment Work Group

Review procedures, systems and practices related to GA appointments, especially transactions as the information passes through the departments, graduate college, University Billing, Financial Aid Office and University HR, to promote the efficient application of tuition and the tuition scholarship to a GA’s account in a timely manner.

Members:  Shelley Stickfort, Chair; Chris Annicella, Maureen Burke, Keith Clasen, Jennifer Crawford, Wendy Evans, Brenna Goode, Renae Jay, Kristine Kellbach, Tom Koeppel, Sandy Mast, Katherine McCullough, Marty Miller, Karissa Pinkerman, Jen Reynolds, Lisa Ringen, Cindy Seyfer, Eileen Sullivan, Jan Waterhouse, Donna Welter, Karna Wieck

Integrated Talent Management Sponsor Council

Assist University HR leaders in the development, deployment, and implementation of talent management best practices and the systems that support them to enhance the recruitment, retention, engagement, and performance of employees who work at The University of Iowa.Members:  Angie Bell, Teresa Kulper, Karen Shemanski, Kevin Ward, Co-Chairs; Leo Agnew, Scott Arneson, Sharon Beck, Ken Brown, Keith Clasen, Kayt Conrad, Georgina Dodge, Dixie Ecklund, Suzanne Hilleman, Scott Leeman, Cheryl Reardon, Dee Hurst, Jim Kellogg, Tom Koeppel, Lorelei Kurimski, Selina Martin, Lou Ann Montgomery, Randy Nessler, Steve Richmond, Michael Schueller, Tamra Sebolt, Barb Spence, John Swenning, Jana Wessels

Search Consultants

Assist University HR leaders to enhance the recruitment strategies for P&S staff covered by the new classification and compensation system.  Determine analytics needed to improve the recruitment process, help design new and effective recruiting methods, determine needs regarding branding/marketing strategies, develop ongoing education and training programs and explore technology needs as processes develop.

Members:  Karen Shemanski, Chair; Chris Annicella (College of Education), Sarah Banks (Vice President for Research and Economic Development), Dawn Banovitz (College of Law), Shannon Bartlett (College of Pharmacy), Sharon Beck (Office of the President), Lori Berger (VP Student Life/Student Health),Michelle Brown (College of Dentistry), Mary Curtis (Athletics), Brenda Dodge (College of Law),  Sandy Gay (Graduate College), Sandra Gerard (College of Engineering), Dee Hurst (College of Business Administration), Phyllis Jacobsen (Health Care Information Systems), Amy Kirkey (Office of the Provost/University College), Emily Kleinmeyer (Office of the Provost/University College), Cathy Koebrick (Finance and Operations), Pat Kosier (University Hygienic Laboratory), Katie Kloppenburg (UI Health Care), Kim Kuebrich-Yordi (Information Technology Services), Wendy Loney (Vice President for Research and Economic Development), Michael Lynch (UI Health Care), Debra McFall-Wallerich (College of Nursing), Leo Agnew (Library), Pam Myers (VP for Strategic Communication), Hannah Smith (Patient Financial Services), Laura Barnard (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences), Rebecca Schwertfeger (UI Health Care),  Kay Shie (College of Public Health), Nancy Kroeze (Vice President for Research and Economic Development), Jan Waterhouse (College of Engineering)