Organizational Effectiveness

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Staff leaders, campus HR professionals, and external reviewers all have recommended training for staff and faculty in supervisory roles. Respondents to Working at Iowa surveys also cite supervisor skills like providing effective feedback as key areas for improvement.

Many people assume supervisory positions with little, if any, formal preparation. Supervisor Training@Iowa aims to provide a consistent foundation in equity and inclusion, employee engagement, performance coaching, and management and HR practices for current University of Iowa supervisors.

The project responds to these specific calls:

  • External review of employment practices: Called for more consistent application of employment-related policies and practices across campus
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) action plan: Emphasized promoting, modeling, and implementing DEI values and embedding DEI in all HR practices
  • Working at Iowa engagement surveys: Consistently identify supervisory skills and feedback as areas for improvement
  • Shared governance and HR leader recommendations: Commonly prioritize supervisor training