Technical Core Team

Technical core team members bring perspectives on business processes, functional and technical needs, and change management. This team also includes Baker Tilly consultants specializing in system configuration, solution architecture, and technical implementation.

Technical process leads

Role: Advise on business process decisions (requisition and offer approval, onboarding, sourcing, etc.) for faculty, staff, and health care recruiting.

  • Neda Barrett (staff processes), administrative specialist, College of Dentistry, and University Human Resources leadership fellow
  • Angie Johnson (faculty processes), faculty HR¬†director, Office of the Provost
  • Rebecca Schwertfeger (health care processes), director of talent acquisition, UI Health Care Human Resources

Functional system admins

Role: Complete process and content configuration (forms, email templates, onboarding workflows, etc.).

  • Keith Becker, interim director of Employment Services, University Human Resources
  • Angie Bell, director of information management/projects and services, University Human Resources
  • Brandon Huinker, application developer, Information Technology Services

Technical system admin

Role: Run, troubleshoot, and resolve integration issues, reviewing error logs and working with functional system admins as needed.

  • Mike Kaplan, director of administrative systems, University Human Resources

Change management

Role: Develop change management plan, stakeholder analysis, job impact analysis, and overall governance plan.

  • Teresa Kulper, director of HR services, University Human Resources
  • Blair Wagner, organizational consultant and leadership coach, University Human Resources

Communications lead

  • Lin Larson, communications consultant, University Human Resources
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