HR Independent Organization Committee


November 2016: Began work during Phase 1

July 2017: Completed evaluation with close of Phase 1

Status as of October 2017: Projects completed and committee closed


The HR Independent Organization Committee will execute all aspects of University Human Resources's transition to an independent organization reporting to the Office of the President. Responsibilities include:

  • Advisory committee will provide campus perspective through input and feedback to technical committee
  • Technical committee will plan and implement the transition
  • Researching, implementing, and communicating required changes, including monthly updates to Talent@Iowa Governance Council
  • Submitting recommendations to the Governance Council
  • Implementing approved plans
  • Evaluating effectiveness and making modifications as needed


Targeted task force recommendations 

  • Enhance communication among UI stakeholders: Coordinate policies and resources, and improve use of data and metrics to determine bargaining objectives and inform contract negotiations. 
  • Optimize the relationship between UI and HI Health Care HR units: Model connections on other areas where central university and UI Health Care units intersect. Develop more efficient central services, enhance day-to-day collaboration, and implement other priorities, including those already approved for UI Health Care HR. 

Advisory committee 

  • Joshua Anderson, manager of accounting, University Benefits
  • Sharon Beck, human resources director, Office of the President 
  • Rebecca Olson, director, University Benefits 
  • Nate Robinson, senior financial analyst, Office of the President 
  • Karen Shemanski, director of human resources administrative services, University Human Resources 
  • Sarah Tallman, compliance unit business operations manager, Research Services 

Technical team 

  • Sharon Beck, human resources director, Office of the President 
  • Rebecca Olson, director, University Benefits 
  • Cheryl Reardon, chief HR officer and associate vice president, University Human Resources 
  • Joni Troester, assistant vice president for benefits, health, and productivity, University Human Resources 
  • Kevin Ward, senior director for HR policy and administration, University Human Resources 

HR administrative liaison 

  • Kevin Ward, assistant vice president for human resources administration, University Human Resources 
Contact Information

Administrative Services

Campus Address
121-10 USB
Mailing Address

121 University Services Building, Suite 10
Iowa City, IA 52242-1911
United States

The UHR Welcome Center is open 10:00am-4:00pm, Monday through Friday.