April 18, 2014 Meeting of The University of Iowa and AFSCME Local 12 Labor Management Committee

Present: Josey Bathke, Andy Cooper, Todd Taylor, Michelle Ray-Michalec, Donna Kasper, Gary Stockinger, Joe Marron, Bob Huber, Dan Heater, Joanne Higgins, Rachelle Stewart, Nancy Kroeze, Cathy Koebrick (guest).

Absent: Jim Tuecke

Review of Minutes

March meeting summary was reviewed and approved.

Informational Items/Requests

Union:  Data on hours worked by 90% employees at UIHC each month
90% Appointments
The following numbers for UI Health Care employees working at 90% for at least one day during the month of February, 2014 were: Total: 804

No additional hours124
.1 to less than 10 hours348
10 hours to less than 20 hours242
20 hours or more90

Old Business

Union: Post-holiday food drive

  • Tabled until Fall 2014

Union: Diversity training recently given to employees of Housing and Dining

  • Bob Huber presented on the Diversity Training that Housing and Dining employees attended.  Feedback regarding the session is welcome.  He will contact Von Stange or Kate Fitzgerald with comments or suggestions regarding the training session and then provide an update back to the Labor Management Committee.

Union: Hemodialysis Techs not receiving breaks

  • Tabled until May 2014 LMC Meeting

Union: Application of comp time, primarily as used at UIHC

  • Tabled until May 2014 LMC Meeting

Union:  Development of a more robust safety committee at UIHC

  • Decision to create a safety education sub-committee that can review resources and discuss "best practices."  The sub-committee members will be Dan Heater, Bob Huber, and Joe Marron.  This sub-committee will give an update at the monthly Labor Management meetings.

New Business

Union: New cleaning equipment

  • Steriplix SD disinfectant is a product designed t kill 99.99% of germs in 30 seconds and kills C. diff spores in five minutes without bleach.  Steriplex SD is the first and only C. diff. Sporicide,  Tuberculocide, Bacteridide, Virucide, and Fungicide that is fast, non-corrosive, non-fuming and not toxic.

Evaluation/Suggestions (Tuecke)

  • Absent

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm

Next meeting is May 16 at 2:00 in Melrose Conference Room #4