January 16, 2015 Meeting of The University of Iowa and AFSCME Local 12 Labor Management Committee


Present: Josey Bathke, Ellen Chambers, Nancy Kroeze, Michelle Kongable, J. Tuecke, Rich Frauenholz, Joe Marron, Robert Huber, Todd Taylor, Gary Stockinger, Michelle Ray-Michalec

Guests: Elizabeth Sharp (student), Maggie Moore 

Review of Minutes:  December minutes reviewed and accepted

Union’s standing request for 90% employee data reviewed and accepted

Old Business:

  • Safety issues arising from the process and chemicals used in the UIHC water treatment stations. Rich reported that a new contractor has been hired to remedy the legionella suppression process in the treatment of the hospital water supply.It was rated as “progressing slowly”, and noted that Legionella is a particularly difficult organism to eliminate from the water.

Safety-Education Sub-Committee:

  • This committee will be attempting to assess the data used by several safety committees around campus and to them assist in looking for commonalities in the data that may then be used to develop a set of reporting forms that is a bit more uniform across campus.

New Business:

  • Maggie Moore gave a presentation on the role of the Employee Assistance Program. EAP offers a range of counseling and referral services. It was stressed that EAP services are both confidential and voluntary, although in some circumstances it should be remembered that they are mandatory reporters. In addition to helping with work-related issues, EAP can help with a wide range of family issues, financial, substance abuse, interactions with co-workers, sleep health and suicide prevention among them.
  • We began a discussion of the process we have been using for getting stewards released for investigative hearings.  This thorny issue has been troublesome for all parties. This topic was tabled because we ran out of time and will have to take it up in February.