The University of Iowa and AFCME Local 12 Labor Management Committee Meeting September 19, 2013

Present: Josey Bathke, Nancy Kroeze, Tim Cook, Dan Heater, Todd Taylor, Andy Cooper, Michelle Ray-Michalec, Laurie Hathaway, Joe Marron, Gary Stockinger, Steve Hansen, Jim Tuecke

Review summary of August minutes, prepared by Management.

Informational Items/Requests

Union: Data on hours worked by 90% employees at UIHC each month

90% appointments

The following numbers for UIHC employees working at 90% for at least one day during the month of July 2013 were:

Total: 770

No additional hours: 67
.1 to less than 10 hours: 294
10 hours to less than 20 hours: 273
20 hours or more: 136

Old Business

University: 1st Step Grievance document

The handout was slightly modified to use numbers instead of bullets. A rollout communication plan was discussed as follows:

  • JB – Campus HR Reps
  • SH – Health Care HR Reps
  • JB – HR Reps email
  • MRM – Steward meeting
  • MRM/DJO – AFSCME newsletter
  • NK/JB – ELR website
  • NK/JB – ELR make 200 copies for AFSCME
  • Follow-up on Jan LMC agenda

Union: High number of familial relationships upsetting staff in OAR.

A Conflict of Interest plan was put in place and has been working.

New Business


Evaluation/Suggestions (Tuecke)

We should intermingle at the labor management table