Regent Merit System staff (AFSCME)

As of July 1, 2017, terms of employment for Regent Merit System staff are based upon Iowa Code as well as:

Many aspects of Merit staff employment remain unchanged following revisions to Iowa’s collective bargaining law. Some practices change effective July 1, 2017, while others may evolve depending on operational needs and best practices:

Aspects that haven't changed
  • Discipline for cause (Merit Rules) at 681-3.116(8A)
  • Ability to appeal through a grievance procedure (Operations Manual)
Aspects that change effective July 1, 2017* *The Regent Merit System rules and University Operations Manual are in the process of being updated to reflect changes effective July 1
  • For fiscal year beginning July 1, 2017, no merit/step increases (University Salary Policy)
  • Merit employees with a hire date of July 1, 2017 and beyond will move to university benefits package including health insurance (Merit employees hired prior to that date will change benefit packages January 1, 2018) - Merit Staff Health Insurance
  • Job postings:
    • 10 days required
    • No contract transfer priority based on seniority
  • Overtime based upon hours worked over 40 per week*
  • Recognition and reward options:
    • Pay for Exceptional Performance
Aspects where changes may occur, as practices are established to better meet the needs of your work setting
  • Vacation scheduling practices
  • Overtime equalization practices
  • Change in work schedules
  • Definition of unit for purposes of layoff
  • Medical leave (excluding FMLA obligations)


Merit System Grievance Procedure

The Merit System Grievance Process and Form and can be found at the following links: