Employee Assistance

Although change may be part of life, rapid or unexpected change can overwhelm us and leave us with uncertainty. Changes at work can lead to feelings of anxiousness, frustration, or anger, and can make it difficult to stay motivated and focused at work. In these times of uncertainty and change, stress is a normal reaction but one that can be challenging to manage.

The UI Employee Assistance Program is available as a provider of one on one confidential counseling, who can support supervisors and staff in coping with change. Counselors can help individuals and groups manage the reaction to feelings associate with change or stress.

For consultation or to schedule an appointment, please call 335-2085 or e-mail Visit the UI Employee Assistance Program website to learn more about the available programs.

Free, short-term, professional and confidential counseling provided at no cost to the individual and at four convenient locations;

  • Coping strategies for stress;
  • Credit counseling services and financial planning assistance are available to help you take control over your money situation. Your EAP counselor can help with a referral for a free financial counseling session.
  • Management consultation on behavioral health issues;
  • Information and referral to community resources;

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