Benefits Office Hours

It was determined that employees wanted more access to our office for general benefits questions. These office hours are an opportunity for employees to ask questions associated with their employment related benefits in a face to face environment at their own work locations.

Below are the commonly asked about topics at these sessions:

In addition to having your questions answered, employees can also receive assistance in submitting claims for reimbursement from their flexible spending account (FSA) by bringing the required documentation to the session. We will have iPads on hand at the sessions for you to use to submit your claims online.

All sessions have designated times for a Q&A-Open Forum, allowing employees to come at their convenience and ask their questions among the group. This is beneficial as employees may have the same question as others, but are unsure how to ask. Some sessions will also have group discussions on specific topics related to general benefits, such as retirement from the university. There will also be an opportunity to schedule a 1:1 appointment with our Benefits Specialist for more private matters. 
No registration is necessary to attend these sessions! 

For Times and locations, please visit the calendars below:

June 2019

PDF iconJune 2019 Benefits Office Hours (pdf)

Calendar of June 2019 Benefits Office Hours

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