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Enrollment & Eligibility

Departing student insurance is available for a maximum of one coverage period only (up to 12 months of coverage following graduation). It is not possible to enroll in continuation more than once.

If you wish to utilize this option, you must enroll online through MyUI. You will have up to 45 days after leaving the University to enroll in Departing Insurance. Your enrollment information must be received by the following deadlines to participate. If you leave in the middle of a semester, you will have 45 days from the day you are no longer enrolled at the University of Iowa to complete a departing student insurance enrollment form.

  • Fall Open Enrollment Deadline:  October 15
  • Spring Open Enrollment Deadline: February 15
  • Summer Open Enrollment Deadline: July 15

You may enroll online via MyUI. "Student Insurance" is listed under "Student Life Management" on the "Student Information" page.

Coverage will begin the first day of the month following your departure from the University of Iowa.

Identification Cards and Policy Information

If you choose to remain on the same plan you were on before you departed from the University, you may still continue to use the same Wellmark ID card you received when you first enrolled.  

If you choose to switch plans when enrolling in Departing Student Insurance, you will receive a new Wellmark ID card to the mailing address that we have in MyUI. To avoid any delays, please be sure your address is correct before you leave. You will receive your ID cards within 10-21 business days after your enrollment has been processed. 


All premiums will be charged on a monthly basis. You will receive a bill from the University of Iowa for your health insurance premium. You may choose to have premiums deducted from a savings or checking account by completing the appropriate section on the enrollment form or an Authorization for Automatic Withdrawal of Insurance Premiums form. 

Privacy Notice and Release Form

Federal law requires individuals to sign a release form before any information can be released regarding their health benefit information. No information will be given to a spouse/domestic partner, parent, child, or other representative unless that form is on file in the University of Iowa Benefits Office. If you wish health information released to anyone, please complete the Personal Health Information Release Form in MyUI under "Other Insurance Forms".


Coverage can be cancelled for the following reasons:

  • You become ineligible for the continuation coverage under the policy twelve months after leaving the University  (i.e., if a student leaves in May 2019 and begins their continuation policy effective June 1, 2019, their insurance coverage will terminate on May 31, 2020 as they have exhausted the continuation benefit of the health insurance plan).
  • The student may cancel coverage by providing a written request to the University of Iowa Benefits Office. Coverage will terminate the last day of the month in which the request is made. The termination cannot be retroactive. No refund of premiums will be given.
  • The University of Iowa Benefits Office will cancel coverage for non-payment of premium. Premiums must be paid in full each month to avoid cancellation.