COBRA Coverage for Employed Grad Students

In the case of a loss of coverage due to end of your employment, coverage generally may be continued only for up to a total of 18 months. 


Effective Sep. 1, 2020 - Aug. 31, 2021

Plan SHIP UIGRADCare Dental
Student Only $280.50 $404.94 $25.50
Student + Spouse $1,211.76 $744.60 $47.94
Student + Child(ren) $1,105.68 N/A $68.34
Family $1,542.24 $1,831.92 $81.60

Effective Sep. 1, 2019 - Aug. 31, 2020

Plan SHIP UIGRADCare Dental
Student Only $255.00 $368.22 $25.50
Student + Spouse $1,211.76 $744.60 $47.94
Student + Child(ren) $1,105.68 N/A $68.34
Family $1,542.24 $1,721.76 $81.60


Following the termination of your benefit-eligible employment, you will receive paperwork to your residing address that we have on file. You must complete and return the coverage election form within 60 days of the termination of the prior coverage. To avoid any delays, please ensure that your address is up-to-date in MyUI.  

Paperwork is mailed following the end of your employment. Generally, it is sent the week after your employment ends/termination date is entered in the system. If your department has not submitted your termination, the system will not generate a COBRA packet for you. 

For events other than termination, you will need to contact Benefits. You may choose to remain in the same plans(s) in which you were previously enrolled or you may change plans within those offered for employees in your employment classification.

COBRA coverage must begin the first of the month following loss of your other coverage, even if that date is prior to the Benefits Office receiving the election form. There cannot be a lapse of coverage. You will be billed on a monthly basis for the premiums and will be given the option of either receiving a University bill or having the premiums automatically deducted from a bank account.

You may only cover dependents covered at the time you became COBRA eligible. In the event of marriage, birth or adoption, you may add those individuals involved in that event, but not other dependents.

Identification Cards:

If you remain in the same plan you were in before you terminated, you will continue to use the same ID card. If you change medical plans for your COBRA coverage, you will receive a new id card due to a new policy number. 


If you decide to terminate coverage before the end of your eligibility period, provide written notice prior to the date you want it ended. Include your full name and your University identification number if possible.

Coverage will end the first of the month after receiving this notification, or the current month if requested. The University will terminate coverage for non-payment of premiums. 

When your COBRA maximum period of continuation of coverage ends, you may be eligible for conversion to an individual policy.

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