Before You Enroll

  1. Make sure you've set up your Two-Step Login profile.
  2. Gather personal information for each person you are enrolling. This includes full legal names, birth dates, and Social Security numbers.
  3. Have your HawkID or HealthCareID or password:
    • If you have difficulty with your HealthCareID or password: Call 319-356-0001, or visit
    • If you have difficulty with your HawkID or password: Call 319-384-4357, or visit

How to Enroll in Employee Self Service

When you’re ready to go online and make your benefit elections, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to Employee Self Service at
  2. Select Benefits Enrollment (You’ll find it under Benefits & Wellness.)
  3. Select OPEN – Edit Your Benefit Elections to begin your enrollment.
  4. Review your beneficiaries and add dependents.
    • On the right, select I agree - View & Update Dependents/ Beneficiaries. Enter the required information and select Submit.
      Select the Return to Benefits Enrollment button to continue with your elections.
  5. Elect your benefits.
    • Select OPEN - Edit Your Benefit Elections.
    • On the left, select I agree - Continue to Benefits Enrollment.
    • Under Medical, choose your preferred plan by selecting the corresponding option code in the Medical Coverage Selection dropdown box. If you are waiving coverage, answer the questions in the red box and select option 90 from the drop-down.
    • If you need to add a dependent, check the box next to their name to add them to your coverage. If you are removing a dependent from your coverage, uncheck the box next to their name.
    • Complete the same process for dental insurance, life insurance, voluntary term life insurance, AD&D, and dependent life insurance.
      Note: Long-term disability insurance is required and provided to all benefit-eligible employees at no cost. You cannot change this selection.

After You Enroll

These final steps will ensure you and your dependents are confirmed for coverage and that you receive all the information necessary to take full advantage of your benefits.

  1. If you haven’t already, set up direct deposits for spending account reimbursements. Under Time and Pay, select Direct Deposit. Then select Benefits Spending Account and enter your bank information. Repeat for each type of account. Note: To ensure your privacy, the direct deposit link requires two-step confirmation.
  2. Update your home and work addresses. Under My Self Service, select Address/Phone Change.
  3. Watch for your confirmation statement. You will receive an email notifying you of your online confirmation statement within 24 to 48 hours of submitting your benefit selections. Please review this carefully. You will only have seven days from your statement date to request any changes to your enrollment.
  4. If you add dependents to your benefit plans, gather the documents you need to complete your dependent eligibility verification. An email will be sent to your University of Iowa account once your Verify Dependents link in Employee Self Service is available.

Do you have more questions?

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