Medicare Coordination - UIChoice

Payment for care received under any of the retiree health plans by retirees 65 and older assumes that Medicare is your primary health insurance and the University policy is secondary.  The few exceptions to this are described in the Insurance Certificate.

All claims except prescription drug claims should be submitted first to Medicare.  Medicare will determine whether or not this is a covered benefit under their program and will pay based upon that decision.  Any amount not covered by Medicare will then be considered under your University retiree health plan.  Prescriptions can be filed directly with Wellmark.

If you do not have Medicare coverage, the retiree plans will follow the same coordination procedure as stated in the UIChoice Retiree Insurance Certificate, but you will be responsible to pay the amount of the claim that Medicare would have paid if you had coverage.

If you have questions regarding how claims are to be paid, please contact Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa (1-800-643-9724).