When do your benefits begin?

As a regular benefit-eligible employee, your new benefits will begin the first of the month following your start date. For example, a new hire who begins employment on Sept. 15 will have the opportunity to enroll in their new benefits, but the new benefits will not take effect until Oct. 1. 

  • A regular benefit-eligible employee has 30 days from their start date to enroll in benefits. Once the employee has finalized and submitted their benefit elections in Employee Self Service, they will be notified by email that a confirmation statement of their elections is available (typically the following business day) to review. If there is a need for a change in the employee's elections, the employee will need to request a change through their confirmation statement. Please Note: The employee will only have 5 days from the release date of their statement to request a change. Requests will NOT be accepted after that 5-day deadline, even if the employee is still within their first 30 days from hire. 
  • A regular benefit-eligible employee has 60 days from their start date to enroll in the mandatory retirement plan. 

When do your benefits end?

Active employee benefits will end at the end of the month in which the regular fiscal year faculty, professional & scientific, or merit staff terminates from the University. For example, if an employee terminates on May 5, the employee will continue to have active employee benefits until May 31. 


  • An academic year faculty member (9-month employee). If the faculty member worked the full academic session, even if the member leaves before the true end of an academic semester 6/30 or 12/31, the faculty member remains employed and covered on active employee benefits until 6/30 for the spring semester or 12/31 for the fall semester.  
  • House staff members transferring into a faculty position. Generally, the house staff employee benefits will end on 6/30. When transferring in to a regular employee position (typical start date - July 1), the new regular employee benefits will not be effective until 8/1. This will leave the house staff member transferring into their new faculty position with a gap in coverage for the month of July. For the month of July, these employees will have the option of COBRA, ACA health only (typically), and, in some cases, temporary insurance. The new faculty member must remember to enroll in their new regular employee benefits within the first 30 days and elect a mandatory retirement election, if applicable, in the first 60 days in their new faculty position. 

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