Domestic Partner Dental Coverage Enrollment - Dental II

The University contributes towards the cost of health and dental insurance for regular University Faculty and Staff holding a 50% time or greater appointment.

Description of plan

Domestic Partner Benefit Coverage - Tax Implications

There are important tax consequences to be aware of when covering a domestic partner. The difference in cost between a policy without domestic partner coverage and the coverage level you elect with a domestic partner (either Employee & Spouse or Employee & Family) may not be paid with pre-tax dollars.

Additionally, under federal tax law the portion of the premiums the University of Iowa pays for the coverage of your domestic partner will be included in your gross income, subject to federal income tax withholding and employment taxes, and will be reported on your Form W-2.

Instructions for electing dental coverage for your Domestic Partner

Select the option code from the dropdown that corresponds to your coverage choice. The option code is the number in the parentheses located to the right of the monthly cost. Please follow the table below to determine the correct option code to elect based on your individual family situation. Please note, the monthly cost shown in Benefits Enrollment includes both the employee premium amount and the amount the University of Iowa pays for the coverage of your domestic partner.

Coverage Option Code Selections 2017 Premium Costs
Employee Domestic Partner Dental Domestic Partner Dental Before Tax Premium After Tax Premium (Employee Contribution) Taxable Amount (Employer Contribution) Total Domestic Partner Dental
Yes No Option 10 Option 90 $0 N/A N/A N/A
Yes Yes Option 10 Option 03 $0 $19 $29 $48

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