Processing of FSA Claims

Please allow 20 business days for the processing of claims. The processing timeline begins on the first business day after the claims are submitted. This does not include weekend days and/or holidays.

Claims are processed in the order in which they are submitted online or received in the office. Due to our automated system's structure, and to follow our established guidelines and ensure fair and consistent practices, we do not process claims out of order.

Submission of Online Claims

Employees are to submit claims electronically through Employee Self Service. Reasons for submitting online:

  • the status of the claim is always visible
  • the claim itself is available to you indefinitely
  • there is no need to make copies of the documents submitted
  • processing timeline is faster because the data entry step is completed when the claim is submitted

Once a claim is submitted in Employee Self Service, it is uploaded to the queue for processing. Claims are auto-loaded to processors in the order received. You can view the status of your online claim in Employee Self Service at any time. If you can see the claim as “Submitted,” it is in the queue for processing.

The volume of Claim Submission

Peak times of the year

  1. End of the calendar year (usually November through mid-March)
  2. Deadline for submitting claims from the previous year (usually April through June, can extend the processing timeline into following months)

High Claim Volume

  • Processing may take longer than twenty (20) business days

Normal Claim Volume

  • Processing should complete within twenty (20) business days

Low Claim Volume

  • Processing may have a turnaround time of less than two (2) weeks
Please do not submit a duplicate of a claim already submitted. If you can see the claim’s status is “Submitted," it will be processed in the order our system received it. We thank you for your patience!

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