Retirees, the University appreciates your service. Hopefully the resources included here will be useful. 

Retiree Informational Session Presentations

Privacy information and release form

University Benefits must have a privacy release form on file in order to discuss any of your information (insurance plans, coverage levels, etc.) with someone other than yourself. Visit the Privacy Information website for additional information and to download/print the necessary forms.

Government Offices

Benefits Office

Campus address
120 USB
U.S. mailing address
The University of Iowa
University Benefits Office
120 University Services Bldg.
Iowa City, IA 52242-1911
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Retirees who are continuing on a University insurance plan will be mailed Open Enrollment information from the Benefits Office each November.  This information will include any changes to the health plans and the new rates for the next calendar year.

You can stop your health and/or dental coverage by submitting a written request to the Benefits Office.

If health and/or dental are not continued after retirement, the retiree cannot later enroll in these plans. (Exception: If coverage is continued due to other employment or a spouse/domestic partner’s employment, the retiree and spouse/domestic partner may enroll later with proof that the employment related coverage ended). For health plan information and rates, please refer to the Retirees page.

Staff can elect to be billed directly by the University of Iowa or complete an Automated Clearing House (ACH) request form to have the premiums deducted from a bank account. Automatic deductions will occur on the first working day of the month.