IPERS Defined Benefit Plan

The IPERS retirement plan is a defined benefit pension plan. Retirement income is contingent on a formula based on your years of service and salary earned. 


Individual Retirement Phone Counseling Sessions for IPERS members within five years of retirement:

Individual counseling sessions teach members about their retirement account, including possible retirement dates, benefit payout options and service purchase options. These sessions are currently being held over the phone. IPERS will call you at your scheduled time to discuss your information. Schedule your 30-minute counseling session today!

Dates:  Aug. 10, 11, 12 & 13, 2020

To schedule a session, contact IPERS at 800-622-3849. Preregistration is required. Appointment times fill up quickly, so call today.

Enrolling in IPERS General Information

  1. Review Your Welcome Packet: Within two months of your first paycheck, you will receive a welcome packet from IPERS to your home address. Your welcome letter will contain your member ID number, as well as your My Account username. If you have never received or may have lost your welcome letter, please call IPERS directly at 800-622-3849. 
  2. Access My Account: When you receive your username (Found within your welcome letter) and temporary password (Mailed to you after your welcome packet), you should log in, update your email and home address and identify your beneficiary(ies).

My Account 

This is your online resource to learn the value of your IPERS account. You can:

  • View your updated benefits statement at any time
  • Explore pension projection scenarios
  • Update your beneficiary and contact information
  • View a record of your IPERS contributions

IPERS Member ID Number

IPERS assigns personalized member ID numbers to all members. Your member ID number is unique to you. Please use it when communicating with IPERS, rather than your Social Security number. If you are a new member, you will receive a member ID number in the mail after the university has reported your employment to IPERS. If you do not know your member ID number, call IPERS at 800-622-3849.

What is Vesting?

Starting July 1, 2012, you become a vested IPERS member when you have 28 quarters (7 years) of wages reported or when you reach age 65 while in covered employment, whichever comes first.

Vested members may become eligible for disability benefits and increased death benefits. They also gain the right to a lifetime monthly benefit in retirement. 


Related Forms

IPERS Exemption Claim Form  (pdf)

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