Deferred Comp Plan 457(b) Enrollment

The 457(b) is a tax-deferred compensation plan available to all eligible employees and allows you to make additional contributions toward your retirement, apart from any mandatory contributions to a retirement plan.  

For 2020, TIAA is the only vendor for the Deferred Compensation 457(b) plan.

How to Enroll in the TIAA Deferred Comp 457(b) plan

 If your TIAA account is not set up, your contributions will not be applied to your 457(b) account. 

Step 1:

Create your 457(b) account on the TIAA website first. 

  1. Select "Ready to Enroll" (even if you have previously set up an online account with TIAA).
  2. Enter your existing password or create one. Follow any additional instructions given. Don't forget to update your address and name beneficiaries.

Note: If TIAA is asking you to enter an access code, please use: 407892

Step 2:

Once your TIAA 457(b) account has been created, you may now enroll online through Employee Self Service.

  1. Select the Benefits and Wellness tile >> Retirement >> 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan.
  2. Select the "Add New Retirement Account" button and choose the TIAA box and select the green "Continue to My Monthly Contributions" button.
  3. Elect your monthly contribution amount. Follow any additional instructions given.


Eligible Bi-Weekly Employees

Employees paid bi-weekly or through a short-term appointment may not have access to the online 457(b) located in Employee Self Service, but can enroll by submitting a Salary Reduction Agreement to University Benefits. Please contact the Benefits Office at to obtain this form.

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