Accrual Rates 

(Including personal holidays effective Jan. 1, 1995)

All Merit System Staff Members

Merit Staff Accrual Rates
Years of Service Annual Monthly Maximum*
1 - 4 96 hrs.
(12 days)
8.00 hrs.
(1 day)
192 hrs.
(24 days)
5 - 11 136 hrs. 11.333 hrs. 272 hrs.
12 - 19 176 hrs. 14.667 hrs. 352 hrs.
20 - 24 192 hrs. 16.000 hrs. 384 hrs.
25 and after > 216 hrs. 18.000 hrs. 432 hrs.

Faculty and Professional - Scientific (Except those covered by SEIU contract)

Professional & Scientific (12-month employees - NON SEIU) Accrual Rates
Employee Annual Monthly Maximum*
12-month employee 192 hrs.
(24 days)
16.00 hrs.
(2 days)
384 hrs.
(48 days)

Contract Covered SEIU Professional - Scientific (hired on or after July 1, 1999)

Years of Service Annual Monthly Maximum*
Up to 3 120 hrs.
(15 days)
10.000 hrs.
(1.25 days)
240 hrs.
(30 days)
More than 3 up to 6 160 hrs.
(20 days)
13.333 hrs.
(1.666 days)
320 hrs.
(40 days)
More than 6 192 hrs. 16.000 hrs. 384 hrs.

*See section entitled "Sick Leave Transfer to Vacation" for adjustment of maximum allowable accruals.

  • Part-time staff members accrue vacation at their fractional equivalent of full-time employment.
  • Vacation accrual for a partial month is computed on the basis of the number of working days in the month.
  • No vacation accrues when an individual is not in pay status.

Maximum Accrual

  • Vacation accrues on a monthly basis but as of the end of any one month may not exceed twice the current annual rate of accrual.
  • When an employee transfers from full-time employment to part-time employment any excess of current accumulation over that allowable on the part-time basis will be "banked" until the staff member's current balance is returned to zero or the staff member increases their percent time or returns to full-time employment.


  • Although vacation accrues during the first month of employment no usage is permitted until after one month of service.
  • Usage is not permitted in excess of currently accumulated total vacation credits.
  • Holidays falling within the period of a paid vacation are paid as Holidays and are not charged to the staff member's vacation accumulation. This does not apply to the payment of accumulated vacation upon termination.
  • Vacation accrues during any period of service in pay status.