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The following information is intended for convenient reference only for employees or units wishing to review occupied Merit positions. The Merit reclassification process is governed by the Iowa Board of Regents and Merit Rules.

Reclassifying Merit Employees (ppt)

Merit PDQ (doc)


When the duties and responsibilities of a position substantially differ from those established in the Board of Regents general position description for the current classification, the position may be considered for reclassification to a higher, equal, or lower pay grade. The employee must meet all minimum eligibility requirements of the classification being requested. For any experience requirement, the time worked is calculated on a full-time equivalent basis. A position cannot be reclassified within three months of being filled or during the probationary period of an employee. Employees meeting all of these requirements, must also perform the duties of the new classification for a reasonable amount of time for the department to determine the employee's fit within the new classification. This is typically considered to be six months. There is no probationary period following a reclassification.

Refer to Merit Rules 681 -- 3.14 (19A) Definitions (page 2).

“Classification review” is the process initiated by a permanent employee or department head requesting review of the classification of the employee's position.

“Classification appeal” is the act of contesting the classification or reclassification of a position as determined by the merit system director after a review of the duties and responsibilities of the position.


A staff member, supervisor, or department/administrative unit initiates a Merit reclassification request by preparing the following required form: Merit PDQ (docx). The form must specify:

  • Employee’s name
  • Employee’s current classification
  • Appropriate target classification
  • Location of position within unit organizational chart

Additional comments may be submitted on a department memo (optional). Note that the effective date of the reclassification is based on the date the requestor (employee or department) signs the position classification review form. The effective date cannot be dated in the future.

The following information is intended for convenient reference only for units wishing to review unoccupied Merit positions:

If the position to be reclassified is a vacant position, departments should attach the following forms to a Position Change Form (available in the HR Position Management System) to request a reclassification of a vacant Merit position:

  • Essential and Marginal Job Function Analysis (contact Compensation and Classification if a copy of the form is needed)
  • Unit organizational chart highlighting the location of position under review

To advertise the position through Compensation and Classification, complete a Merit Requisition available in the HR Web Transaction System. An Essential and Marginal Job Function Analysis form will need to be attached to the requisition along with all other necessary documentation, which will be routed to Compensation and Classification through workflow.


A Merit reclassification request should be reviewed at three stages before advancing to Compensation and Classification:

  1. Employee/position's supervisor
  2. Departmental representative
  3. Employee's org/college

In the course of reviewing the reclassification request, Compensation and Classification may refer the information to a review committee or request additional information through a desk audit (personal interview of employee and/or supervisor).

The reclassification request then advances to the Board of Regents for final approval. Within 15 working days of receipt of the decision from the Board of Regents, an employee or supervisor may appeal the decision by addressing a letter to the Board of Regents Merit System Director. For further information, refer to the Merit Rules 3.127(8A) Appeals (page 19).


Salary adjustments upon reclassification are governed by the Merit Rules 3.39(3) Pay on Promotion.