Referral Results for Merit Positions

The Merit System rules apply for staff seeking to move or transfer from one position to another within the same classification.  Merit staff may seek reassignment at the department’s discretion as opportunities arise, and are welcome to apply for vacant positions in other areas in order to seek advancement or different shift assignments.  The applications for vacant positions will follow a competitive application process based upon qualifications rather than determined solely by seniority. 

To determine the status of a merit position you have applied to:

  • Log in at
  • Select job type: Merit
  • Select “My Merit Jobs”
  • Look for the “Merit Application History” located at the bottom of the page.

Each job an application has been submitted to will show a “Requisition Status” of Open, Closed or Cancelled.

  • Open: The department is in the interviewing/hiring process.
  • Closed:  The department has hired for the position.
  • Cancelled: The department has decided not to fill the position.

Please contact Employment Services with additional questions.