Compensation and Classification

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How to Begin

What is different?

  • Has the employee acquired new key areas of responsibilities that have increased the level of responsibility for their role?
  • Have they increased their knowledge, skills, and abilities (competencies) to the benefit of the organization?
  • If yes, to either question, utilize the Job Classification View Tool to review current classification key areas of responsibilities and competencies to complete the Career Development Documentation form.

Best Practices

Consider the expanded work that is being done by the employee, what skills are required for the employee to be successful in the performance of that work?

Review the competency descriptions and typical behaviors for the job family and optional technical competencies assigned to the employee's current classification and the next classification within the series (if applicable) or another classification.

Do the job family and/or optional technical competencies from the higher or different level classification best describe the changes in KAR's or competency? If so, use this information in Section 3 of the Documentation of Career Development.

Any competency (accessible through the job classification view tool) may be used to document career development. Unit HR Reps may consult with Karen Shemanski, in University Human Resources, to identify other relevant competencies that may not currently be utilized in the Job Classification View tool.

To allow flexibility, the nouns in the typical behaviors may be changed to fit the specific college/division/unit activity; however, to preserve the integrity of the Kenexa library, the verbs cannot be changed. Before modifying the typical behaviors, consider the following:

  • Have you selected the right competency? There may be another competency that is a better fit and behaviors that fit what you are looking for.
  • Is the proficiency level assigned accurate?
  • Is what you are looking to describe a task versus a competency?
  • Determine if it's Career Advancement, Career Promotion or Career Shift.