Collaboration and Embracing Diversity

Competency Description

Ability to work with a variety of individuals and groups in a constructive and civil manner while appreciating the unique contribution of individuals from varied cultures, race, creed, color, national origin, age, sex, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Proficiency Levels & Typical Behaviors


  • Demonstrates civil and respectful behaviors valued within the organization.
  • Provides and accepts ideas and suggestions in a constructive and helpful manner.
  • Exhibits good teamwork: is approachable, cooperative, and contributes to an overall positive and productive work/team environment.
  • Works effectively with individuals from all backgrounds.


  • Shares appropriate information/feedback openly, professionally and respectfully.
  • Models open, respectful, accepting, and supportive behaviors with team members.
  • Maintains productive work relationships while considering multiple perspectives and using effective conflict resolution practices.
  • Uses sensitivity in communicating with individuals of diverse backgrounds.


  • Establishes and maintains positive and productive working relationships within and outside of own area and background.
  • Identifies and resolves disagreements/conflicts in early stages.
  • Promotes a safe, equitable, respectful environment in which concerns can be addressed effectively.
  • Recommends changes to work practices and policies to promote transparency and approachability.


  • Creates and champions initiatives that foster respectful communication, learning and a spirit of cooperation.
  • Regularly shares information and effectively influences to gain common commitment in achieving objectives.
  • Shapes unit/department, college/division, or university governance so as to reinforce collaboration, accountability, and responsibility.
  • Promotes collaborative climate that recognizes, celebrates, and rewards diversity.