Dice.com is an external employment web site which is a leading career site for technology and engineering professionals.  With a 20-year track record of meeting the ever-changing needs of technology professionals, companies and recruiters, their specialty focus and exposure to highly skilled professional communities enables employers to reach hard-to-find, experienced and qualified technology and engineering candidates.

Cost of Posting on Dice.com

  • 1 job for $395
  • 3 jobs for $1,050
  • 5 jobs for $1,500
  • 10 jobs for $2,850

Positions That Should Be Posted

We do not envision that every technology and engineering job vacancy at the University of Iowa will be posted on Dice.com. We would expect it to be used when there has been past difficulty filling a vacancy or a job classification and/or the position is under-represented by women and/or minorities in the technology or engineering field.

Information to Provide for Recruitment

You will need to provide an electronic copy of the EOD approved external ad.