Dual Requisitions

Overview: A dual requisition is when a department chooses to advertise two levels of the same job family within one requisition. This can be used to hire one individual or can be set to a multiple hire. These are seen most commonly in IT positions, but can be used for any classification. 




1. The classifications must be within the same family and cannot skip levels

  • You can advertise a PLB1 and PLB2, but not a PLB1 and a PLA1.
  • You can advertise a PIC1 and a PIC2, but not a PIC1 and a PIC3.

2. The advertised salary range must be for the advertised classification

  • The department can advertise the higher level or lower level, but the range in Position Details must match that level.
  • Both salary ranges should be listed by level in the Duties section of the posting.

3. The Working Title must list both classifications

  • If the department would like to use a Working Title upon appointment, they can use a different title. For advertising purposes, both levels should be listed so applicants can see it is a dual requisition when hovering over title on Jobs@UIOWA site.
  • For example, if advertising for a PLB1 and PLB2, the working title should be listed as Librarian/Specialist Librarian.

4. Determining Classification

  • The department should include in the duties section of the posting how they will select the classification for the selected candidate(s)
  • Typically, it is based on the applicant’s qualifications.

5. Job Description

  • There should be either two job descriptions with varying duties/qualifications, OR
  • A combined job description that separated duties and qualifications by classification.

6. Qualifications

  • Should vary in years of experience and/or proficiency level between the two classifications.
  • The qualifications should be separated by classification on the requisition so applicants can easily see what is required for each level and determine which classification they are qualified for.