HigherEdJobs.com is an external employment web site designed exclusively for listing job vacancies at colleges and universities.  More importantly, the job seekers who view the web site have the academic credentials needed to work in higher education.

Cost of Posting on HigherEdJobs.com

There is no cost to organizations/departments who request a job vacancy be posted on HigherEdJobs.com.  The subscription is paid for by University Human Resources.

Positions That Should Be Posted

We do not envision that every job vacancy at the University of Iowa will be posted on HigherEdJobs.com.  We would expect it to be used when there has been past difficulty filling a vacancy or a job classification.

Information to Provide Authorized User

You will need to provide an electronic copy of the approved external ad.  Once posted, the authorized user, upon request, can forward you a link to review the external ad.  The number of authorized users on campus is unlimited.  If you need to have a position posted for your area, please e-mail the authorized user listed for your organization.

If you aren’t sure who your area’s authorized user is, do not yet have one, or would like to have additional users, please send an e-mail to hr-requisitions@uiowa.edu or call 335-2676.

Authorized Users

The employees on campus who have been designated to post jobs on the HigherEdJobs.com web site are listed below.

Department First Name Last Name Email Phone #
Athletics Lori Neu lori-neu@uiowa.edu 5-8874
Benefits Office Cheri Smith cheri-smith@uiowa.edu 5-5586
Business Services Megan Walker megan-walker-1@uiowa.edu 4-3714
Business Services Jessica Voelker jessica-voelker@uiowa.edu 5-1173
CDD – Child Health Specialty Clinics Joanna Sabha joanna-sabha@uiowa.edu 4-7771
CDD – Child Health Specialty Clinics Karen Sypherd karen-sypherd@uiowa.edu 6-1453
Center for Disabilities and Development Jessica Perry jessica-perry@uiowa.edu 6-1435
Clas – Administration Alaina Hanson alaina-hanson@uiowa.edu 5-3015
Clas – Administration Kari Gates kari-gates@uiowa.edu 5-2984
Clas – Administration Sherry Roe sherry-roe@uiowa.edu 5-1449
Clas – Administration Chris Stevens christine-stevens@uiowa.edu 5-1690
Clas – American Studies Laura Kastens laura-kastens@uiowa.edu 5-0320
Clas – Anthropology & Museum Studies Certification Beverly Poduska beverly-poduska@uiowa.edu 5-0523
Clas – Art & Art History Troy Fitzpatrick troy-fitzpatrick@uiowa.edu 5-1770
Clas – Chemistry Lindsay Elliott lindsay-elliott@uiowa.edu 5-0200
Clas – Chemistry Brenna Goode brenna-goode@uiowa.edu 5-1351
Clas – Communication Sciences & Disorders John Williams john-a-williams@uiowa.edu 5-8718
Clas – Communication Sciences & Disorders Mary Jo Yotty mary-yotty@uiowa.edu 5-8719
Clas – Communication Studies Wanda Osborn wanda-osborn@uiowa.edu 5-0576
Clas – Computer Science Catherine Till catherine-till@uiowa.edu 5-0746
Clas – Creative Writing Connie Brothers connie-brothers@uiowa.edu 5-0419
Clas – Dean's Office Melissa Fiacco melissa-fiacco@uiowa.edu 5-6479
Clas – Dean's Office Heather Schnoebelen heather-schnoebelen@uiowa.edu 5-3564
Clas – English as a Second Language Michele Gerot michele-gerot@uiowa.edu 5-5630
Clas – English, Linguistics, Philosophy & Rhetoric Jenny Britton jenny-britton@uiowa.edu 4-3253
Clas – Geography & Geoscience Angie Bellew angela-bellew@uiowa.edu 5-0150
Clas – Geography & Geoscience Christine Harms christine-harms@uiowa.edu 5-1818
Clas – Health & Human Physiology Joan Seye joan-seye@uiowa.edu 4-4664
Clas – History Pat Goodwin patricia-goodwin@uiowa.edu 5-2309
Clas – Mathematics Margaret Driscol margaret-driscol@uiowa.edu 5-0709
Clas – Optical Science Technology Center Genette Campbell genette-campbell@uiowa.edu 3-0974
Clas – Performing Arts Kellie Kucera kellie-kucera@uiowa.edu 5-1606
Clas – Philosophy Abby Rush abby-rush@uiowa.edu 5-0203
Clas – Physics & Astronomy Thomas Koeppel thomas-koeppel@uiowa.edu 5-0134
Clas – Political Science Jessica Herndon jessica-herndon@uiowa.edu 5-2357
Clas – Psychology Ruthina Malone ruthina-malone@uiowa.edu 5-2407
Clas – Religious Studies Maureen Walterhouse maureen-walterhouse@uiowa.edu 5-3715
Clas – Social Work Chuck Wieland charles-wieland@uiowa.edu 5-1263
Clas – Social Work Amy Rood amy-rood@uiowa.edu 5-2501
Clas – Statistics & Actuarial Science Tammy Siegel tamara-siegel@uiowa.edu 5-0706
Clas – World Languages, Literatures & Cultures Merry Powell merry-powell@uiowa.edu 5-3402
Cmed – Administration Bonnie Goodwin bonnie-goodwin@uiowa.edu 5-8040
Cmed – Internal Medicine Ann Howard ann-howard@uiowa.edu 5-4816
Cmed – Microbiology Jordan Keller jordan-keller@uiowa.edu 5-7808
Cmed – Microbiology  Barb Spence barbara-spence@uiowa.edu 5-7935
Cmed – Microbiology Jordan Keller-Wilson jordan-keller@uiowa.edu 5-7808
Cmed – Neurology Kristen McIntyre kristen-mcintyre@uiowa.edu 6-7355
Cmed – OCRME Robyn Miessler-Kubanek robyn-kubanek@uiowa.edu 5-6588
Cmed – Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation Sarah Burnett sarah-burnett@uiowa.edu 6-7121
Cmed – Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation Tonia Johnston tonia-johnston@uiowa.edu 6-0855
Cmed – Pediatrics Maeve Jackowski maeve-jackowski@uiowa.edu 6-2379
Cmed Pediatrics Sanela Krdzic sanela-krdzic@uiowa.edu 6-8303
College of Dentistry Michelle Brown michelle-l-brown@uiowa.edu 5-7156
College of Dentistry Victoria Green victoria-green@uiowa.edu 5-9650
College of Education Chris Annicella christine-annicella@uiowa.edu 5-6138
College of Education Judy Brewer judith-brewer@uiowa.edu 5-5387
College of Engineering Sheila Britton sheila-britton@uiowa.edu 5-5751
College of Engineering Lisa Lang lisa-lang@uiowa.edu 5-6471
College of Engineering Sarah Lobb sarah-lobb@uiowa.edu 5-4787
College of Engineering Jenny Simpson jenny-simpson@uiowa.edu 4-0574
College of Engineering Jan Waterhouse jan-waterhouse@uiowa.edu 5-5767
College of Engineering Sandra Gerard sandra-gerard@uiowa.edu 5-5217
College of Law Brenda Dodge brenda-dodge@uiowa.edu 5-9081
College of Law Jill Soppe jill-soppe@uiowa.edu 5-9089
College of Nursing Debra McFall-Wallerich deb-mcfall-wallerich@uiowa.edu 5-7014
College of Nursing Linda Weir linda-weir@uiowa.edu 3-4806
College of Public Health Kay Shie kay-shie@uiowa.edu 4-1526
College of Public Health Janet Duncan janet-duncan@uiowa.edu 4-1529
Continuing Education Julie Cunningham julie-cunningham@uiowa.edu 4-4809
Employee & Labor Relations Nancy Kroeze nancy-kroeze@uiowa.edu 5-0052
Facilities Management Erin Turnis erin-turnis@uiowa.edu 5-5115
Facilities Management Cathy Koebrick cathy-koebrick@uiowa.edu 5-5078
Facilities Management Paula McMartin paula-mcmartin@uiowa.edu 5-6496
Faculty & Staff Disability Services Damien Blair damien-blair@uiowa.edu 5-2660
Finance & Operations Suzanne Hilleman suzanne-hilleman@uiowa.edu 5-0012
General Counsel Jackie Kjaer jackie-kjaer@uiowa.edu 5-6396
Graduate College Sandra Gay sandy-gay@uiowa.edu 5-1287
Health Care Information Systems Julie Stewart juliana-stewart@uiowa.edu 6-3257
Human Resources Consuelo Garcia consuelo-garcia@uiowa.edu 5-0055
Human Resources Peggy Hausler peggy-hausler@uiowa.edu 5-0056
Human Resources Lisa Lowenberg lisa-jo-lowenberg@uiowa.edu 5-0635
Human Resources Robert Millsap robert-millsap@uiowa.edu 5-2854
Human Resources Randall Ney randall-ney@uiowa.edu 5-2263
Human Resources Adam Potter adam-potter@uiowa.edu 5-3553
Human Resources Julie Raaz julie-raaz@uiowa.edu 5-1167
Human Resources Cheryl Reardon cheryl-reardon@uiowa.edu 5-0056
Human Resources Karen Shemanski karen-shemanski@uiowa.edu 5-5901
Human Resources Jiongting Hu jiongting-hu@uiowa.edu 5-5298
Human Resources Laura Prince laura-prince@uiowa.edu 5-5316
Hygienic Laboratory Pat Kosier patricia-kosier@uiowa.edu 5-4446
IMU Kelly Perez-Boots kelly-perez-boots@uiowa.edu 5-0121
International Programs  Emily Kleinmeyer emily-kleinmeyer@uiowa.edu 4-2154
International Programs Dongwang Liu dongwang-liu@uiowa.edu 5-1305
ITS David Ambrisco david-ambrisco@uiowa.edu 4-2410
ITS Heidi McLaughlin heidi-mclaughlin@uiowa.edu 4-0503
ITS – CIO Office Kim Kuebrich Yordi kim-yordi@uiowa.edu 5-6242
Libraries Andrea Rost andrea-rost@uiowa.edu 5-5871
Medical Affairs Sharon Kramer sharon-k-kramer@uiowa.edu 3-5537
Medical Affairs Rebecca Schwertfeger rebecca-schwertfeger@uiowa.edu 5-8109
Office of the President Sharon Beck sharon-beck@uiowa.edu 5-2430
Organizational Effectiveness Barb Simon barbara-simon@uiowa.edu 5-5464
Pharmacy (UIHC) Donna Rossman donna-rossman@uiowa.edu 6-4710
Provost Kelly Carr kelly-j-carr@uiowa.edu 5-0684
Provost Amy Kirkey amy-kirkey@uiowa.edu 5-0139
Provost Katherine  Voss katherine-voss@uiowa.edu 5-1191
Public Policy Center Sarah Tillman sarah-tillman@uiowa.edu 5-7889
Research Susan Burlingame susan-burlingame@uiowa.edu 5-1587
Research Andrea Domsic andrea-domsic@uiowa.edu 5-8501
Research Wendy Loney wendy-evans@uiowa.edu 5-2149
Strategic Communications Kelly Huston kelly-huston@uiowa.edu 4-0040
Student Life Lori Berger lori-berger@uiowa.edu 5-0121
Student Life Pamela Krogmeier pamela-krogmeier@uiowa.edu 5-3557
Student Life Courtenay Villhauer courtenay-villhauer@uiowa.edu 3-4521
Student Life Tabitha Wiggins tabitha-wiggins@uiowa.edu 5-3059
Tippie College of Business Craig Crawford craig-crawford@uiowa.edu 5-0880
Tippie College of Business Dee Hurst deanna-hurst@uiowa.edu 5-0870
Tippie College of Business (Undergrad) Shari Tolander shari-tolander@uiowa.edu 5-1038
Tippie College of Business (Entrepreneurial Center) Trish Whidby patricia-whidby@uiowa.edu 5-1022
Treasury Operations Chris Grier christine-grier@uiowa.edu 5-6399
UIHC Compliance Office Andy Cox andrew-w-cox@uiowa.edu 4-9186
University College Angie Lamb angela-lamb@uiowa.edu 5-2062