English Instruction


English instruction is free to University of Iowa employees. The goals of the instruction are to help employees communicate more effectively on their jobs, to facilitate cultural awareness and to offer them training that may be necessary for their professional advancement.

Individual and Small-Group Tutoring

Instructors are available to meet with employees one-on-one or in small groups. Teachers can work with employees for a short time to practice a presentation for a conference, edit a paper, or learn new vocabulary. Instructors can also work with an employee for an extended time to try to improve the employee's overall English ability. For tutoring, most employees choose to meet one or two times a week for an hour on their own time (during lunch breaks, before or after work). Employees may request English tutoring for themselves or their supervisors may contact us. Employees must discuss with their supervisors whether they can meet during work hours. For more information or to request English instruction, please contact Staff Language and Culture Services to make an appointment. During this appointment, the instructor and the employee (and supervisor, if applicable) will discuss the employee's language background and needs.

Topic Specific English Classes

Staff Language and Culture Services offers work specific English or Spanish classes. If you would like to request a class or arrange for a class to be taught by one of our instructors, please contact Staff Language and Culture Services about your needs.

English Conversation Group

Staff Language and Culture Services hosts an English Conversation Group on Wednesday from 12:30 pm to 1:20 pm in 2114  Med Labs (Med Labs is located near Medical Education Research Facility)

Anyone wishing to practice speaking English in a small group may attend. You do not have to contact Staff Language and Culture Services in advance.

The goal of the conversation group is to provide employees, especially research staff, with a regular opportunity to speak in English with native speakers. Topics of conversation vary. We are open to suggestions of topics attendees would like to discuss or avoid. Support for vocabulary acquisition, pronunciation, and listening comprehension skills is provided.

Language, Culture and Conversation Class

Staff Language and Culture Services offers a Language, Culture and Conversation class on Monday, 12:30 pm - 1:20 pm in Room 1100 UCC. Please contact uilearndevelop@uiowa.edu.

English Listening and Speaking Class

Staff Language and Culture Services occasionally offers a Listening and Speaking class. Participants often listen to passages and respond, as well as practice specific grammar and pronunciation skills. Participants must be at an Intermediate to High level of English to attend this class. A textbook, which can be ordered online, is required for this class.

Contact uilearndevelop@uiowa.edu for more details. 

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