Brief coaching is a service Organizational Effectiveness provides to facilitate supervisors, managers, and directors on campus in identifying a path forward on a leadership issue, and resources that can support that journey.

Preparation: To optimize this short coaching, we recommend coming prepared to the session having reflected upon, and being prepared to share with the coach:

  • What do I want to be different in this workplace situation and the work relationships involved?
  • What am I doing to contribute that may have both positive, and maybe unintended, impact?
  • What would I like to do instead? What do I need in order to start, continue, or stop doing?

Coaching is about helping you identify ways to support changes in how you see a situation, choices and approaches you could make, and encouragement for how to begin. Referrals can be made to self-guided learning, group programming, and providers such as HR Representatives, confidential campus resources, and coaches that contract for extended leadership coaching.


  • Brief leadership coaching and referral is provided by UI leadership coaches at no charge for UI and UI Health Care leaders.
  • If interested in a coaching focused on individual leadership development, visit Career and Communications Coaching.
  • If interested in supporting a change in an employee’s performance, visit Performance Consultation.
  • If interested in team coaching, visit OD Consultation.

For questions, or to schedule your session, please email Please review the Roles and Confidentiality Parameters.

Our coaches are representatives of HR. Confidential campus resources include: