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    Executive Leadership Academy-Higher Education Cohort Testimonials

    I was strategic about the timing of when I applied because I wanted to make sure I had the time to commit to the program, I was so glad I did that, the benefits and rewards are significant. The relationships I formed with my cohort, my mentor, and the academy staff made a lasting impression on me and I have friends from around campus now that I didn’t have previously. This experience was a significant part of my leadership journey.
    Maureen Schafer, Assistant Provost, Academic Advising Center

    I have done a lot of leadership development courses, and I went into the academy unsure how much I would get out of it. Having a depth of leadership knowledge, the academy taught me about myself. The one-on-one coaching and the opportunities for critical self-evaluation and reflection helped me to convert practical knowledge into personal growth. The academy helped me to become more of the person and the leader that I aspire to be.
    Christopher Cheatum, Associate Dean, Chemistry

    The academy is an investment in yourself. I felt the program provided me new skills that will enhance my leadership journey. It also provided me the necessary confidence to find greater engagement with the University of Iowa community and senior leaders, and to learn from experts on the concepts of leadership, communication, and diversity, equity and inclusion. The academy was a pivotal moment in my career at the University of Iowa.

    Kevin Zihlman, Assistant Athletics Director, Compliance