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Why: Opportunity to learn new skills and/or explore a different job.

Who: Staff who have been employed for two years with a regular appointment of 50% time or more. Staff paid by grant funds are not eligible to participate in an internship during their regularly scheduled work hours.

What: Job shadowing and skill building in a different unit than your work area.

Where: In an area where a cooperating supervisor is willing to share their time and expertise.

When: May be done on work time (paid internship) with intern’s supervisory support. May be done off work time (unpaid internship) if possible. To be scheduled at an optimal time for the intern, the intern’s work site and for the cooperating site.

How: If you meet the requirements, complete the application and send it to UI Learning & Development. We will be in touch with you regarding the matching process.

(There are several paths..)

  • The intern finds a cooperating site.
  • The intern collaborates with the program coordinator to find a cooperating site.

Note: Having some clear development goals and/or skills in mind facilitates the process!


  • A site is regrettably not found for that year.

Supervisors of Interns

Why: Opportunity to provide another type of learning to your staff. Interns will acquire new skills that will enhance their skills in their current position.

Who: You decide if your unit will support the internship during work hours and for how many hours.

What: Allows you to respond to a staff person’s desire to grow and advance.

Where: You will be informed of agreements if the internship occurs on work time.

When: The time away should be compatible with your unit’s needs.

Cooperating Supervisors at an Internship Site

Why: Opportunity to share your expertise with an eager staff member. Possibility of having work done on special projects.

Who: As a volunteer in this program, you make the decision to accept an intern at the time requested.

What: Experiences are collaboratively agreed upon. Goals and measures are set so that both understand the boundaries.

Where: In the unit that chooses to be a site.

When: The time agreed upon is different for each internship based on intern availability and the needs of the site.

How: Cooperating supervisors will be approached by either the intern or the program coordinator. If interested, a discussion about the needs of each occurs, and it is decided if this will be a good match at this time. If yes, an agreement with stated goals is signed and a letter is sent to the intern, their supervisor (if the internship is on work time), and the cooperating supervisor to delineate the time commitment.

For assistance with any questions or concerns, call 319-335-0729.