Workplace Investigations Series

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What’s the big deal about doing effective workplace investigations or inquiries? Sooner or later every supervisor, manager, and human resource representative will need to investigate one or more of their employees. Poorly conducted investigations almost always come back to haunt you. Effectively conducted investigations usually save the day; present day AND years down the road. Possessing the skills to conduct an effective workplace investigation is an extremely valuable tool. This series has been designed to help front line supervisors, managers, and HR reps increase their confidence and skills in conducting effective investigations in a work setting. The series consists of three classes to be taken consecutively as each course builds on the prior. Because of the design of the series, we ask that you commit to attending all three sessions in a series.

Benefits of Enrolling

This series provides a framework that includes the steps and strategies involved in conducting an impartial and thorough investigation. The problem-solving processes, quantitative investigative tools, and resources provided create solid decision-making and performance management platforms in order to promote the effective management of work units and cohesive teams. Participants will, through discussion, practical exercises and role-playing, have the opportunity to understand and apply newly-learned or freshly-honed skills to real-world situations in order to confidently and effectively investigate employee conduct or behavior.

Core Curriculum

The series consists of the three classes below and must be taken consecutively. Please view the application (when available) for the dates/times for these series of classes. 

    Core Curriculum

    Offers a broad overview of the investigation process and introduces the "I" plan as a process for conducting workplace investigations. This session assumes that the participant has had at least some limited experience in conducting employee investigations or needs a refresher. Novices are welcome, too. Designed for new supervisors, human resources reps, or managers.

    Pre-requisite: An Introduction to Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations

    Only those who have completed the Introduction course will be permitted to attend. Briefly reviews an effective workplace investigation process ("I" Plan) and then provides participants the opportunity to apply and practice investigation skills and techniques with real world case scenarios. Participants create an initial I-Plan and initial interview question sets, addressing employee conduct or behavior currently being exhibited in their work world. 

    Pre-requisite: Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations Practice 1 (Practical Tips, Tools & Techniques)

    Only those who have attended the Introduction and Practice 1 sessions will be permitted to attend this session. Provides participants the opportunity to implement the "I" plan process. Participants will assume roles to practice the skills learned and further hone their skills in conducting interviews and note taking across a variety of witness types, using real world case scenarios that involve special problems or especially difficult issues (e.g. reluctant/contentious witnesses, legal or compliance issues, suspected criminal activity, and more).


     This series will be offered again in the future.

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