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See below for a library of all videos presented across welcome-back-to-campus pages.
Best Practices for Meetings: Get tips on planning, participation, and follow up for all kinds of meetings—in-person, online, or hybrid. Also see this guide to best meeting practices (pdf).
Connecting, Listening, and Being Inclusive: Review how colleagues and leaders can boost engagement by asking about communication and work preferences.
Returning to Campus Facilities: Get and overview of what's changed—and what hasn't—on campus, with an emhapsis on facilities management.
Fresh Start Effect: Coming back to campus presents a unique opportunity for workplace teams to leverage the "fresh start effect" and reevaluate their practices.
Relaunching Your Team: Get advice for helping your team use the return to campus as an opportunity to assess what works well and what needs attention.
Support from Family Services: Get an overview of the various ways Family Services can help employees and their families during the return to campus.
Making a Healthy Transition: Find advice on using wellness services and resources to make a healthy transition back to campus or otherwise deal with change.
Talking About Flexible Work Options: Supervisors, get ideas for thinking about and talking about flexible work arrangement with your work team.