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I Think I Need a Snack

Hangry at the home workplace? You're likely not alone. Here's some tips to address this issue and others to form healthy eating habits while working remotely.

Books and Drink Under a Blue Sky
Working from home can be a challenge, especially in stressful times. This blog offers advice and support, including perspectives from University of Iowa employees developing their own work-from-home routines.
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I Think I Need a Snack

Routines are commonplace in all facets of life. Perhaps none more prevalent than in when, how, and what we eat. If your workplace changes, so do your eating habits. Here are some thoughts on how to manage your diet when working remotely.
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Hula Hoops and Habits

The best kind of habits are those that you organically create and work to maintain. Sean Hesler shares some habits that he's formed since working from home.
New Habits Spelled Out in Letter Blocks
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