Just for Laughs, Segment One

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Stuffed Smiley Face Wearing Tiny Shoes

I don't know about you, but I sometimes need a good laugh to cope with all the change we've encountered over the past several months of increased isolation. So, I serve up some of my random thoughts for those who, like me, can use a laugh or a chuckle. Enjoy! If you have some of your own funny thoughts to share, send them to hr-blog-oe@uiowa.edu. If we get enough, I'll take the collection and turn it into another post to share! 

You're So Punny

  • Some days it just seems like the days Zoom by.
  • My co-workers are so demanding these days. If it's not the seven-year-old it's the five-year-old. We need a re-org.
  • Who knew that summer vacation planning would mean we want to avoid (COVID-19) hot spots?

Name that Tune (with Songs Sung Wrong)

Find singing lyrics wrong to be humorous? Check out this misheard lyrics site. Here are a few I came up with myself and another sent by Sean Hesler. 

"Looking to plant some hosta baby this evening, I want some hosta baby tonight..." 

Original Artist and Song Reference: Donna Summer, Hot Stuff 

"...Just one red pen, looking for a flow, was a one-way ticket, only one way to go, so he started writing, ain't never gonna stop, gotta keep on writing, someday gonna be on top and be a wordsmith hero..." 

Original Artist and Song Reference: Foreigner, Jukebox Hero 

“No serenade, no Fabergé…”  

Original Artist and Song Reference: Def Leppard, Rock of Ages 

If An Image is Worth a Thousand Words, then...

  • Why is it that our superheroes this year have different looks to them?
Left Shows Superhero Delivering Toilet Paper, Right Shows Four Individuals Wearing Masks
  • Beware of dog is a sign I’m familiar with but who knew my neighbor Dave was that rough?
Warning Sign for Someone Named Dave
  • What 1000 words does this vehicle say?
Hearse with LOVEWGN Vanity License Plate

Irony is Alive and Well

Some images you just can't get approval to re-post, but I found a picture online too funny not to share…in text form. 

Two men are standing in line at a retail establishment. To promote safe social distance two signs were affixed on the floor, six feet apart, saying "Please stand here." The front person in line is standing on the "Please stand here" sign closest to the cash register. Behind him, notably a few feet in front of the second sign and just a few feet behind the first person in line, stood the other man...proudly wearing his "COVID-19 Compliance Officer" retroreflective vest like a crossing guard might wear. 

Scott White, OE Trainer and Consultant
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