Organizational Effectiveness

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Are you looking to develop a team, change culture, or improve engagement? Enhance collaboration and optimize group effectiveness through a retreat, an initiative, or an intervention. Our coaches and consultants, partnered with your HR representative, will assist you in assessing the challenges,, identifying solutions, and sustaining results.


Benefits of investing in your your workgroup, department, or division's culture include:

  • Developing and aligning strategic initiatives
  • Strengthening leadership skills
  • Shaping organizational culture
  • Enhancing leader and unit communication
  • Reducing conflict
  • Generating synergy and collaboration

Sample Retreats, Co-Labs , and Resets

  • Communicating for Results - Increase understanding of communication styles and use the DISC to apply the Platinum Rule.
  • Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team - Enhance team trust, comfort with conflict and accountability.
  • Co-Lab to actively work on designing changes, forming agreements, and practicing leadership.
  • Strategic Alignment - Collectively create a vision, mission, departmental strategy and/or measurable tactics.
  • Change and Culture Development - Preparing for, or responding to, changes as opportunities for building a unified and agile culture.
  • Team Reset for motivating new norms and practices.