Organizational Effectiveness

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The Five S Organizational Improvement Process helps to reduce the time trying to remember or look for information, and allows more time for ‘mission critical’ activities. Its purpose is to assist people to become more organized and productive by enhancing their ability to efficiently collect, store, and quickly retrieve relevant hardcopy and electronic information or to perform tasks effectively and efficiently.

Benefits of Implementing a Five S Process

  • A cleaner, more organized work area
  • Safer working conditions
  • Less wasted time completing work
  • Efficient work processes
  • Effective work practices
  • Less space required

The Five S’s


  • Separate the needed steps from the not-needed.
  • Eliminate not-needed items and perform an initial cleaning.


  • Arrange the workplace for safety and efficiency.
  • Identify key equipment and supplies.
  • Determine a location for each item.
  • Develop shadow boards and labeling items.

Systematically Clean

  • Perform regular cleaning and inspection of areas.


  • Develop common methods for consistency
  • Make abnormal conditions noticeable
  • Document agreements


  • Hold the gains and improve them.
  • Perform routine checks on the Five S process area.
  • Analyze the results or the routine checks.
  • Measure the progress and plan for continuous improvement.