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The Supervisor Training@Iowa curriculum is designed to equip all University of Iowa staff and faculty in supervisory roles with common knowledge, core skills, and a consistent, equitable approach to employment practices. It’s a sound foundation on which to grow.

Additional training—on campus or off—can help you take this training further. This page lists some established campus programs.

Learning and Development Series: Series of courses offered by University Human Resources (some of them also described below) addressing supervision, cultural competency, business processes, and more.

Practical Applications of Supervisory Skills (PASS) – Engaging Yourself
This series centers on the groundwork necessary for supervisory success: knowing yourself so you can work with and improve the qualities that constitute your supervisory skill set and, in turn, build stronger relations and connections to those you supervise.

Supervising Today’s Students: A partnership between University Human Resources, the Pomerantz Career Center, and UI STEP, this certificate program focuses on leading student employees and fostering overall student success. Includes nine courses.

Advanced Management Series: Eleven-course seriesleading to a certificate. Covers six areas defined in the university’s Leadership Competency Framework—university service, unit management, leaderships, diversity, communication, and leading by example.

Performance Management Miniseries: Three-course series covering goal-setting and professional development, communication and feedback, and managing employees who need improvement.

Leadership Development Services: University Human Resources also offers leadership development optionsthat range from online assessments and consultations to formal training programs (some of them described below).

UI Leadership Education, Assessment, and Development (UI LEAD): Comprehensive program for faculty and staff featuring workshops, peer-to-peer learning, assessments, and individual coaching over 3-6 months.

Executive Leadership Academy-Higher Ed: Designed for mid-to-senior staff and faculty with strategic and operational leadership responsibilities. Includes two-day immersive experiences, team projects, and other elements over nine months.

DEO and Academic Leadership Program: Co-sponsored by the Office of the Provost and University Human Resources, this program targets departmental executive officers in their first two years of services and other faculty transitioning to leadership roles.

Building University of Iowa Leadership for Diversity (BUILD): Training program for faculty and staff dedicated to creating a welcoming, inclusive environment. Includes a series of required courses and electives culminating in a certificate.