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In 2017, a committee was charged with the task of reviewing the Essential and Marginal Job Function Analysis (EMJFA) tool to evaluate its usefulness and ease of interpretation. The committee determined that by simplifying page 3 of the EMJFA, the document will better align with internal university forms such as the Medical Information Request Form, Release to Return to Work, and the Workers Compensation Patient Status Report. It also will create an easier comparison and analysis of physical limitations/restrictions against the physical requirements of a position to assist in identifying reasonable accommodations. 

A soft rollout for the use of this new page 3 began in January 2018 with Facilities Management, University Housing & Dining, and the UI Health Care Department of Nursing updating previous EMJFAs as following:

  1. For any new job posting
  2. For a new first report of injury submitted through Workers Compensation
  3. For a new medical leave intake submitted through Faculty and Staff Disability Services 

Departments may choose to complete an entirely new EMJFA or complete page 3 only and insert into the previous EMJFA.  

Essential/Marginal Job Function Analysis - Full Document (docx)

Essential/Marginal Job Function Analysis - Page 3 only (docx)

To insert pages in Microsoft Word 2016:

  1. Open the original EMJFA.
  2. Go to the “View” tab, place a check mark next to “Navigation Pane” under the “Show” grouping.
  3. Select Pages in the left hand Navigation Pane.  
  4. Select Page 3 and press your delete key.  
  5. Select the “x” to close the Navigation Pane.   
  6. Place the cursor where you want page 3 inserted.
  7. Select the “Insert” tab, then under “Text”, click on the down arrow next to “Object” and select “Text from file”. 
  8. Select the file to be inserted.
  9. Click on Insert

If you experience issues with inserting page 3 into your existing EMJFA, it may be necessary to complete a new EMJFA form.